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The Avengers (US band)/Discography

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Discography of The Avengers (US band).


  • 'Shipwrecked' / 'I Told You So' (1965)
  • 'You Can't Hurt Me Anymore' / 'When It's Over' (1965)
  • 'Be a Caveman' / 'Broken Hearts Ahead' (1965)
  • 'It's Hard to Hide' / 'Open Your Eyes' (1966)
  • 'Strange Faces' / 'Softly As I Leave You' (1967)

Compilation appearances

  • 'Be a Caveman' on Boulders: The Sixties Punk Album [various artists] (1980)
  • 'Be a Caveman' on Highs in the Mid Sixties Vol. 1: L.A. '65 - Teenage Rebellion [various artists] (1983)
  • 'It's Hard to Hide' and 'Open Your Eyes' on Highs in the Mid Sixties Vol. 20: L.A. Part Four [various artists] (1986)
  • 'Open Your Eyes' on Acid Dreams Epitaph [various artists] (1988)
  • 'I Told You So' on Garage Punk Unknowns: Part One [various artists] (1998)
  • 'Strange Faces' on Psychedelic Archaeology Volume 3 [various artists] (1999)