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This template is mainly intended to be used for the creation of other infoboxes, and all infoboxes should use it. See {{Infobox Software}} for an example. It can, however, equally well be used to create one-off infoboxes on individual articles.


The following parameters can be used in the creation of infoboxes. Both are optional, but the title should normally be specified.

Defines the title for the infobox.
Defines the subtitle for the infobox.

Each row in the infobox can be defined using a combination of the following parameters, replacing the # by the number of the row (the row number is necessary for technical reasons; it will not be shown in the infobox). These parameters are optional, though it is clearly pointless to create an infobox with no data whatsoever.
It is currently only possible to create infoboxes with up to 25 rows, though this can easily be changed in the future.

The label for the row. If there is no data, the label will not be shown. A full-width label, or header, can be made by setting the data parameter for the same row to --- (three hyphens).
The data for the row. A full-width data row, with no label, can be shown simply by leaving the label blank or not defining it.

The following optional parameters allow CSS styles to be applied to the infobox. Each style parameter should end with a semicolon ( ; ).

CSS which applies to the entire infobox.
CSS which applies to the title.
CSS which applies to the subtitle.
CSS which applies to every label or header in the infobox.
CSS which applies to every data cell in the infobox.
CSS which only applies to the label with the same number. This overrides the general labeltitle parameter.
CSS which only applies to the data cell with the same number. This overrides the general datatitle parameter.


This is the title
This is the subtitle
1 A Header
2 A Label 2 Some Data
3 Another Label 3 Some more Data
4 A Header
6 Some data only that expands across both columns
7 A Header
8 A Label 8 Some Data
9 Another Label 9 Some more Data
10 Another Label 10 Some more Data
11 A Header
12 Some data only that expands across both columns
| style         = background:#ccf;
| labelstyle    = background:#99f; color:#00f;
| datastyle     = background:#eef; color:#009;

| title         = This is the title
| titlestyle    = color:#f00;

| subtitle      = This is the subtitle
| subtitlestyle = color:#00f;

| 1_label       = 1 A Header
| 1_data        = ---

| 2_label       = 2 A Label
| 2_data        = 2 Some Data

| 3_label       = 3 Another Label
| 3_data        = 3 Some more Data

| 4_label       = 4 A Header
| 4_data        = ---

| 5_label       = 5 A Label only (doesn't work...)

| 6_data        = 6 Some data only that expands across both columns

| 7_label       = 7 A Header
| 7_labelstyle  = background:lightgrey;
| 7_data        = ---

| 8_label       = 8 A Label
| 8_labelstyle  = background:lightblue; font-style:italic;
| 8_data        = 8 Some Data

| 9_label       = 9 Another Label
| 9_data        = 9 Some more Data
| 9_datastyle   = background:lightgreen; font-style:italic;

| 10_label      = 10 Another Label
| 10_labelstyle = background:lightblue;
| 10_data       = 10 Some more Data
| 10_datastyle  = background:lightgreen;

| 11_label      = 11 A Header
| 11_data       = ---

| 12_data       = 12 Some data only that expands across both columns
| 12_datastyle  = background:lightgreen; font-style:italic; border:1px solid red;