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<small>''An annotated list of key readings about [[{{BASEPAGENAME}}]].''</small>
''An annotated list of key readings about [[{{BASEPAGENAME}}]].''<includeonly>
[[Category:{{{group}}} Bibliographies|{{{abc|}}}]]  
[[Category:{{{group}}} Bibliographies|{{{abc|}}}]]  

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An annotated list of key readings about Bibliography header.


To be used at the top of the Bibliography subpage associated with articles. The template fields include:

{{Bibliography header

group = must be an existing workgroup

group2 = second workgroup (optional but must use before group3 if only two workgroups)

group3 = third workgroup (optional)

abc = used to categorise based on last names. For example, the Barbara McClintock approval template is written as abc = McClintock, Barbara so she is categorised under M, or List of Biologists would be abc = Biologists, List of so it is categorised under B.

approved = yes (required to add the approved category)