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 Definition A sequence of exothermic chemical reactions between a fuel and an oxidant accompanied by the production of heat or both heat and light in the form of either a glow or flames. [d] [e]
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As one of the major contributors to the Wikipedia article on Combustion which was transferred here by Graham Proud, I plan to go through it and edit it fairly completely to turn it into a CZ article. As with many articles in Wikipedia, it grew in a topsy-turvey manner with various people contributing their own small parts with very little attempt to format the overall article into a coherent whole. So I will probably be deleting certain parts which don't seem germane to me. If anyone disagrees with any of my edits, please feel free to tell me so here on this Talk page and we can work out an agreeable version. Thanks, - Milton Beychok 18:58, 18 June 2008 (CDT)