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Sumatra (Indonesian: Pulau Sumatra or Pulau Sumatera) is the westernmost island in Indonesia, and the sixth largest island in the world (approx. 473,000 square kilometres or 182,600 square miles). Sumatra has a population of about 45 million (2005 census).

Administrative division

Sumatra is divided into ten provinces (provinsi):

  1. Aceh - capital: Banda Aceh
  2. North Sumatra (Sumatra Utara) - capital: Medan
  3. West Sumatra (Sumatra Barat) - capital: Padang
  4. Riau - capital: Pekanbaru
  5. Riau Islands* (Kepulauan Riau) - capital: Tanjung Pinang
  6. Jambi - capital: Jambi
  7. Bengkulu - capital: Bengkulu
  8. South Sumatra (Sumatra Selatan) - capital: Palembang
  9. Bangka-Belitung* (Kepulauan Bangka-Belitung) - capital: Pangkal Pinang
  10. Lampung - capital: Bandar Lampung

* nearby island groups that are not actually on the island of Sumatra.