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  • *[[Sam Donaldson]]
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  • {{r|Sam Donaldson}}
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  • ...ferences during the U.S. presidential administration of [[Ronald Reagan]]. Donaldson went on to become co-anchor of ''PrimeTime Live'' with [[Diane Sawyer]] as
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  • ...s magazine]] show into a successful news product. As co-anchor with [[Sam Donaldson]] on the [[ABC]] News show ''PrimeTime Live'', Sawyer became a household na
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  • ...Ring. Frodo escaped, and with his loyal gardener [[Samwise Gamgee|Samwise "Sam" Gamgee]] and two close friends, [[Meriadoc Brandybuck|Meriadoc "Merry" Bra posed to the others. Frodo attempted to continue his mission alone, but Sam was able to catch him at the last minute, and the two of them went off toge
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  • ...the Agency, such as [[Philip Agee]] and the book ''Inside the Company''. Sam Adams' book ''War of Numbers'' was published posthumously, based on notes h CIA analyst Sam Adams' book, ''War of Numbers'', is published posthumously. Adams had resig
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