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  • ..., others as cooperative colonies of cells, and still others as complex multicellular systems that include diverse cell types, each specializing in differe ...he whole organism. This supracellular, or organismal, approach towards multicellularity seems to have allowed sessile plants to adapt to life on land and
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  • ...sports entertainment]], such as [[professional wrestling]], where the practices of sport are used to produce an entertaining show. football]], [[baseball]], [[basketball]], [[field hockey]], [[golf]], [[ice hockey]], [[rugby football]] and [[tennis]]. Most of them are team sports
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  • ...d is my king) BWV 71, that they paid handsomely for its publication, and twice in later years had the composer return to conduct it. ...eimar, a far cry from his earlier position there as ‘lackey’. The munificent salary on offer at the court and the prospect of working entirely with a
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  • ...iate system levels (e.g., unicellular organisms, multicellular organs, multicellular-multiorgan organisms, ecosystems). ...of the system to typical perturbations. Deficiencies of the model’s accordance and accounting may suggest possibilities for the kinds of component-compos
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  • ...r]]. On Earth, in a water-based medium embedding and permeating the interstices of living systems, every living system teems with thermally sustained vibr ...namically interacting cells (e.g., colonies of prokaryotes, integrated multicellular organisms like plants, animals). In living cells, organic molecules e
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  • ...le refers to an establishment selling drinks. If you were looking for the dance equipment, see [[barre]]. If you were looking for a unit of pressure, see ...''dairy bar''' serves non-alcoholic drinks and confections made with milk, ice cream, and other dairy products.
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  • ...owing morning. On a cold night the water will freeze from the sap, and the ice can be thrown away, as it is almost pure water. This helps concentrate the ...'' (maple taffy on snow) for dessert and followed by outdoor activities or dancing to burn off some of the calories. The meal may include any or all of: [[
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  • ...oss the night sky to illuminate the pearlescent cities of the Dwarpets and danced through the heavens to the thumping rhythms of their songs. Then, without ...a prefix to their names. The type and rank of the title is awarded in accordance to the player's class and the number of duel points a player has, respecti
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  • ...Examiners. Such pressure was a charge of “practicing medicine without a license” filed in court in mid-November 1903. ...1907 when the first acquittal of a chiropractor tried for unlicensed practice of osteopathy was based on the neural vs. circulatory distinction. Shegator
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