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  • ...e target, detonates the shell prior to impact and produces the devastating effects. ...receiver and when a signal bounced back, it was in range and exploded. The effect was to make the target 50 times bigger and thus much easier to hit. The fuz
    5 KB (729 words) - 20:30, 12 April 2011
  • ...= [[Discovery Channel]]}}</ref> in which experts in entertainment special effects try to determine if "urban legends"<ref name=Snopes>{{citation, linguist, animal wrangler, machinist and cook, before moving to visual-effects industry. He managed the model shop for [[Colossal Pictures]], then formed
    5 KB (750 words) - 00:06, 5 November 2009
  • ...military in the [[1960s]]. Transit's operation was based on the [[Doppler effect]]: the satellites traveled on well-known paths and broadcast their signals ...ential service]], countries without their own satellite navigation systems effectively become client states of those which supply these services.
    10 KB (1,543 words) - 15:35, 24 August 2010
  • <td rowspan="1"> For discovery of the Doppler effect in canal rays and the splitting of spectral lines in electric fields ...ical Physics, and especially for discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect
    30 KB (3,679 words) - 14:07, 12 October 2013
  • ...tally, the zero-point energy of the vacuum leads directly to the [[Casimir effect]], and is directly observable in [[nanoscale device]]s. Also, as the temper ...interaction with the zero-point field of the vacuum may produce propulsive effects, that would not be free energy just a new and perhaps more efficient form
    16 KB (2,523 words) - 20:46, 7 October 2011
  • ...h other atoms and frequency shifts from atomic motion due to the [[Doppler effect]], leading to a range of frequencies for the transition referred to as a ''
    34 KB (5,177 words) - 14:39, 9 April 2012
  • ===Weather effects on chemical, biological, and radiological weapon propagation=== ...ure and salinity, biologic activities, and other factors that have a major effect on sensors and weapons used in shallow water. ASW equipment, especially aco
    74 KB (10,988 words) - 21:31, 25 November 2013
  • ...means of combining multiple radar samples, taken over time, to create the effect of a much larger antenna, far larger than would physically be possible, for It is a [[radar#Doppler radar|Doppler radar]] operating in the [[J Band, and is capable of detecting, recognising
    30 KB (4,389 words) - 13:54, 1 October 2013
  • ...he [[galactic plane]]; once [[Robert Julius Trumpler]] had quantified this effect in 1930 by studying [[open cluster]]s, the present picture of our galaxy as of the Galaxy, since it is not affected by dust absorption and its [[Doppler shift]] can be used to map the motion of the gas in the Galaxy. These obser
    17 KB (2,688 words) - 20:30, 12 April 2011
  • ...rotect''':actions taken to harden sites or disperse assets to mitigate the effects of RAM attacks. ...percentage of submunitions that do not detonate, but still are dangerous, effectively creates an antipersonnel minefield. There is a [[Convention on the Pro
    17 KB (2,522 words) - 20:46, 30 October 2013
  • [[Impedance plethysmography]] and [[Doppler ultrasonography]] are non-invasive alternatives.></ref> scanning of the leg veins, combined with [[Duplex Doppler ultrasonography]]<ref name="pmid2667418">{{cite journal| author=White RH, M
    71 KB (9,980 words) - 04:04, 7 November 2014
  • ...normal lymphatics."<ref name=EmedSurg /> Besides cancer treatment or tumor effects, other causes include vein stripping for treatment of [[varicose veins]]< ...alth perspective is the fact that manipulation of this pathway may lead to effective therapies for the more prevalent forms of secondary lymphedema."<ref nam
    21 KB (2,921 words) - 04:03, 23 May 2013
  • not create an impact crater.<ref>Herrick R.R., Phillips R.J. (1993), ''Effects of the Venusian atmosphere on incoming meteoroids and the impact crater po ...enormously CO<sub>2</sub>-rich atmosphere generates a strong [[greenhouse effect]] that raises the surface temperature to over 400&nbsp;°C. This makes Venu
    41 KB (6,439 words) - 23:06, 12 October 2020
  • ...fter the first 50 meters of flight. 50 meters of flight. and has a minimum effective range of 3,000 m. ...lly at low altitude. It then tracks and illuminates the target, performs [[Doppler]] [[identification-friend-or-foe]], and may also track its own missiles. <r
    6 KB (842 words) - 09:17, 22 March 2014
  • ...Kwakkel-van Erp J, Leebeek F, Nijkeuter M, Prins M, Sohne M, Tick L |title=Effectiveness of managing suspected pulmonary embolism using an algorithm combinin ...nd, many of the patients in these studies had additional tests such as leg dopplers as part of their evaluation so the results may not address CTPA as an indi
    56 KB (7,880 words) - 11:06, 12 December 2014
  • The most effective anti-platelet treatment is probably to combine aspirin, 25 mg twice a da ...d artery.<ref name="pmid1852179">{{cite journal |author= |title=Beneficial effect of carotid endarterectomy in symptomatic patients with high-grade carotid s
    17 KB (2,378 words) - 01:33, 10 October 2012
  • ...e, use the [[AN-|AN/]][[APY-2]] radar. It is a [[radar#pulse-doppler|pulse-doppler radar]] with a mechanically rotating antenna. ...newer aircraft, with the same function, use mechanically simpler but more effective phased array radars. As mentioned, there are also trends to make the air
    4 KB (661 words) - 09:25, 8 June 2009
  • ...ur A, Spodick DH| title=Auscultatory perception of the fourth heart sound: effects of interval form fourth to first sound (S4-S1) and aging. | journal=Am J C| title=Physiology of the third heart sound: novel insights from tissue Doppler imaging. | journal=J Am Soc Echocardiogr | year= 2008 | volume= 21 | issue=
    22 KB (3,328 words) - 10:32, 9 June 2011
  • | title = The Effective Scutboy: The Principles and Practice of Scut ..., this is the usual time to [[palpation|palpate]] the abdomen, testing the effect of leg raising in terms of range of motion and specific reactions such as [
    24 KB (3,459 words) - 20:27, 26 July 2014
  • ...nson J, Mant J, Martin U, Guo B, Hobbs FD, Deeks JJ et al.| title=Relative effectiveness of clinic and home blood pressure monitoring compared with ambulator ...applied to a cat's tail can be used to get a manual systolic-only reading. Doppler techniques are used when both systolic and diastolic are needed.
    5 KB (691 words) - 04:24, 12 September 2014

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