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==Parent topics==
==Parent topics==
{{r|Law enforcement}}
==Other related topics==
==Other related topics==
{{r|The End of History and the Last Man|''The End of History and the Last Man''}}

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A list of Citizendium articles, and planned articles, about Power (politics).
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Parent topics

  • Politics [r]: Activity that relates to the way in which society is governed, and the process by which human beings living in communities make decisions and establish obligatory values for its members. [e]
  • Authority [r]: Derived from the Latin word auctoritas: the power or right to make rules or laws. [e]
  • Legitimacy [r]: Add brief definition or description


  • Law enforcement [r]: Add brief definition or description
    • Police [r]: Organized government officials responsible for enforcing the criminal law of their locality, responding to designated emergencies, and various duties considered appropriate by their culture and government [e]
  • Propaganda [r]: Information issued by governments, intended to influence a target audience; it may be acknowledged by its source, be of ambiguous source, or have a false source; the content may be true or false, independently of the truth of its ostensible origin [e]

Other related topics