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A party is a concept that can refer to several situations, most of which have to do with collective groupings.

Meanings of word

'Party' can have several meanings, including:

  • a group of people who share similar political objectives who form a collective association are said to be members of a political party
  • people who are involved with a set of circumstances, or privy to particular knowledge, can be said to be a 'party' to such circumstances. An example would be where people are involved in legal cases, they are said to be a 'party' to the proceedings
  • a social gathering where people become involved together for pleasant festive, or social reasons, is said to be a 'party'.

Traditional festive party

Festive parties can take many forms.

Such gatherings can be held in honour of a particular event such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding.

Housewarming parties are common, especially amongst students who may be celebrating a first occasion of living away from their parents.

Parties can also take other forms.

There are even online parties, which can involve like-minded people using virtual interactions to create a festive atmosphere. One example is the Citizendium monthly Write-a-Thon party.