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This addendum is a continuation of the article Myron C. Lake.

The Deal that Made Reno

Plat of Section 11
Nevada, Mt. Diablo Meridian, T19N, R19E, sec.11
(Nevada Div. of State Lands; UNR - Mary B. Ansari Map Library)

As found in the Washoe County Recorder's office, here are the three transactions that traded the land that became Reno. The key tract is Section 11 of Township 19 North, Range 19 East. Follow the first two using the map of Section 11 to the right. The third can be located on the CPRR's First Map of Reno. A township is 36 sq. miles; a section is 1 sq. mile or 640 acres. Each sixteenth of a section is 40 acres. For more on sections, townships, and ranges, see this page.

In essence, the deal consisted of a nearly equal land trade which resulted in a net $75 payment from Lake to the railroad, along with its return to Lake of 13 northside lots (10 and 11 of Block V; the two of Lake's Reserve; odd numbers 33-51 east of Virginia St.) 9 months later. In the first transaction, Lake turned over the northside to Crocker. In the second, Crocker traded the southside, minus the riverfront, which remained Lake's via his 1864 acquisition. In the third, Crocker returned the northside parcels.

1) Lake to Chas. Crocker, 3/27/68, recorded 3/30/68, (bk.#2,pt.1), pp. 360-61, $200 - no acreage given, but approximates 105. [1] "...the South half of the North East quarter; [2] and the fractions lying North of the Truckee River of the North Half of the South East quarter. all in Sec. 11..."

2) CPRR deed #289 to Lake, 3/24/68, recorded 7/6/68, (#2,2), pp. 443-44, $275 - 109 acres. [1] "the South half of the South East Quarter and; [2] Lot No. 7 of the South West Quarter of Sec. No. 11..."

3) Chas. Crocker to Lake, 12/28/68, recorded 2/1/69, (#3,1), pp. 673-74. $1 (gift) - no acreage given. [1] "Lots no. 10 and 11, including the space of 14 ft., 2 in. more or less between lots 11 and 12 in Block V being the north 114 ft and 2 in. of the East half of Block V aforesaid. [2] also 150 ft. front on Front St. on the South side commencing at the East line of Virginia St. and extending back to the river the same width. [3] also: 100 ft. front on Front St. measuring West. commencing at the West line of Virginia St. on the South side of said Front Street. both parcels of land being designated on the map as 'Lake's Reserve'. [4] also, lots in the river front East of Lake's Reserve. East of Virginia St. numbered 33,35,37,39,41,43,47,49,51. each being 25 ft. front extending back to the river."