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  • Magnetization [r]: Magnetic moment per unit volume of a material, denoted M, defined in terms of the magnetic moments of its constituents by M=(1/V)Σj mj where the magnetic moment mj of the j-th constituent in the volume V is a vector property that determines the torque the object experiences in a magnetic field tending to align its moment with the field. [e]
  • Magnetic constant [r]: A physical constant in the International System of Units (SI) relating mechanical force and electric current in classical vacuum with a defined value μ0 = 4π × 10−7 N/A2. [e]
  • Magnetic field [r]: Vector field H caused by permanent magnets, conduction currents, and displacement currents. [e]
  • Magnetic induction [r]: A divergence-free electromagnetic field, denoted B, determining the Lorentz force upon a moving charge, and related to the magnetic field H. [e]