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Environmental Sensing Device (military): Weapon safety devices that prevent detonation until they detect external conditions consistent with the known mode of delivery, such as changing barometric pressure and radar altitude of a dropped bomb, or the launch acceleration, conditions in space, and reentry of a ballistic missile trajectory; a key safeguard for nuclear weapons [e]

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Parent topics


  • Ballistic missile [r]: A guided missile which, once its engines stop firing, follows a generally parabolic path to its target, defined by momentum, aerodynamic resistance, and gravity [e]
  • Gravity bomb [r]: A bomb with no supplemental propulsion, whose trajectory is determined by initial velocity and gravity, or by the action of aerodynamic control surfaces. [e]

Other related topics

  • Accelerometer [r]: Most commonly, a sensor used to measure acceleration in one reference axis; also an aircraft instrument that reports the instantaneous acceleration in the flight path [e]
  • Barometer [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Radar altimeter [r]: Altimeter which calculates altitudes, by sending a radio signal straight down from an aircraft and to measure its total time of travel to the surface and back to the aircraft. [e]