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{{r|Nuclear magnetic resonance}}
{{r|Nuclear magnetic resonance}}
{{r|Nuclear Magnetic Resonance pulse sequence||*}}}
{{r|Nuclear Magnetic Resonance pulse sequence||*}}}
{{r|Product operator (NMR)||**}}
{{r|Product operator (NMR)||*}}
{{r|Residual dipolar coupling||**}}
{{r|Residual dipolar coupling||*}}
{{r|Chemical shift anisotropy||**}}
{{r|Chemical shift anisotropy||*}}
{{r|Nuclear Overhauser effect||**}}
{{r|Nuclear Overhauser effect||*}}

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About this page

This page is intended to help establish a coherent structure of articles related to Nuclear magnetic resonance, somewhat similar to what CZ:Core Articles do on larger topics. It is a spin-off of the NMR spectroscopy talk page prior to initial approval.




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