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Current financial status

We would appreciate it if our members could make regular donations, starting with as little as $3.90 per month, as shown just below:

20 members pledging $3.90 per month ($46.80/year) would be enough to keep the wiki going or
15 members pledging $5.20 per month ($62.40/year) would be enough to keep the wiki going or
10 members pledging $7.80 per month (93.60/year) would be enough to keep the wiki going

In Southern California, the cost of seeing a movie at the cinema is $15. Please make your donations here.

Financial history since Jan. 1, 2019
Month Donations
during month, $
hosting cost, $
Paid by Funds on hand
at month's end, $
October 2020    11.00 74.95 Donation funds 2,152.85
September 2020    5.00 00.00 (f) Donation funds 2,216.80
August 2020    5.00 108.99 (e) Donation funds 2,211.80
July 2020    505.00 99.95 Donation funds 2,315.79
June 2020    295.70 99.95 Donation funds 1,910.74
May 2020    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 1,714.99
April 2020    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 1,809.94
March 2020    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 1,904.89
February 2020    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 1,999.84
January 2020    138.85 99.95 Donation funds 2,094.79
December 2019    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 2,055.89
November 2019    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 2,150.84
October 2019    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 2,245.79
September 2019    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 2,340.74
August 2019    19.04 99.95 Donation funds 2,435.69
July 2019    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 2,516.60
June 2019    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 2,611.55
May 2019    123.48 99.95 Donation funds 2,706.50
April 2019    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 2,682.97
March 2019    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 2,777.92
February 2019    5.00 99.95 Donation funds 2,872.87
January 2019    30.00 99.95 Donation funds 2,967.82

(a) A number of donations are made towards the end of the month, generally via PayPal. Because it takes several days for our bank account to process PayPal transfers, it is easier for me to do the bookkeeping if I wait until the 4th or 5th of the following month to process the accounts—this way my figures of money in and money out jibe with the bank figures of what is actually in our account.
(b) On 7/21/2020, the server hardware was upgraded. Monthly costs were reduced to $74.95 (from the previous $99.95), and the wiki is running faster. Monthly costs are now ~$78.00 (~$75 after deducting PayPal's fee)
(c) The bank account currently in use (in Hayford Peirce's name) requires a balance of $1500 in order to avoid monthly fees. We are working to move to an account with lower fees.
(d) The above charts reflect a calendar month and not the fiscal month. The figures shown reflect the financial situation as of the last calendar day of that month.
(e) We have negotiated a new monthly fee for the Server, which began in August at $74.95. There was, however, some overlap with the previous fee, as well as expenses generated by moving to a new system within the Server, so that the total expenses for August were somewhat higher. Beginning with September, however, the monthly fee should be stabilized at $74.95. (f) Because of our renegotiated contract with the server, there was an overlap in payments in the month of August, which resulted in no payments being made for the month of September.

Financial Report Archives
Archive 1, 6-26-2020: Financial_report/Archive1

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