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Please donate to Citizendium

We continue to need funds to keep the server running[1]. Please donate!

Hayford Peirce is still our Treasurer. If you are having any trouble donating, please let Hayford know by emailing hayfordpeirce AT

Donations by Credit Card or Paypal


Thank you!    

Donations By Check

Donations to Citizendium may also be made by writing a check payable to Citizendium Treasurer and mailing it to:

 Hayford Peirce
 4729 East Sunrise Drive
 PMB #305
 Tucson, AZ 85718-4534

Donations by electronic Bill Pay

If you would prefer to set up an automatic, recurring transfer directly into the Citizendium account, please contact Pat Palmer via email at pgpalmer AT This option is especially helpful, as it avoids the nearly 3% fees incurred on donations made by Paypal or credit card.

How our funds are used

Donated funds will be used for the following:

  • server costs ($74.95 monthly as of August 2020)
  • domain registrar costs (about $300 every five years, last paid in July 2020)
  • occasional business expenses such as membership ads for online media or credit card/Paypal commissions

All spending will be shown on the monthly financial report. There are no salaries, as this is an all-volunteer operation. If in the future we decide to shut down, any leftover funds will be donated to the Internet Archive.


  1. N.B. At this time, Citizendium is not organized as a 501(c) non-profit (though operating like one), and your contributions will not be income tax deductible.