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Auguste D, first recorded patient with the newly recognised form of dementia that became known as "Alzheimer's disease"

Auguste D. (Deter) (real name unknown) was born in May 1850, possibly in Germany. She was the first recognised patient with a specific form of dementia that became known as Alzheimer's disease. Her husband had her admited to the state asylum in Frankfurt in 1901, when her symptoms became unmanagable: she was 51, and had what is now known as Familial Alzheimer's disease, or "early-onset Alzheimer's". Her husband was a rail worker and could no longer cope with symptoms that included mental decline, hallucinations, delusions, paranoia and aggressive behaviour. She was studied by doctor Alois Alzheimer, who in 1910 had his name given to the disease by Emil Kraepelin, who furthered the research.

Auguste D. died in April 1906, aged 56.[1][2]
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