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Airborne Reconnaissance Low

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Airborne Reconnaissance Low (ARL) are an evolutionary series of U.S. Army intelligence collection aircraft, based on the four-turboprop DeHavilland DHC-7 fixed-wing aircraft. A fully equipped multifunction version has communications intelligence(COMINT), imagery intelligence (IMINT), and synthetic aperture radar/moving target indicator (SAR/MTI) mission payloads.

As opposed to the RC-12 GUARDRAIL, which have no onboard displays and are pure extensions of a ground station, the ARL sensors are controlled and operated via on-board open-architecture, multi-function workstation, as well as being networked elsewhere.

There are a small number of these aircraft, considered echelons above corps, currently assigned to United States Southern Command and United States Forces Korea. It complements the RC-12 GUARDRAIL; both will be replaced by a future Airborne Common Sensor.