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[[Category:CZ Editors|Delacroix, Jerome]]
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Bonjour everyone,

I have been enthusiastic about wikis and collective building of knowledge for some time. I live near Paris, France. I wrote a book about wikis simply called "Les wikis", the first of its kind in French. I also blog on and (English).

I hold a MSc in Management from HEC School of management and a Master in technology management from Ecole Centrale Paris.

I worked 3 years as an organization consultant, then a few months in a marketing adgency, before turning to journalism. Right now, I still write books about management and technology and work as a freelance project manager. I taught a course about wikis and give lectures from time to time.

I wish to help in Citizendium because it can give more credibility to the collective building of knowledge, I think. I like the idea of building a bridge between experts and the wisdom of the crowds.

I am not a full-time academic person, rather an entrepreneur who likes writing. I hope to be able to help in my fields of expertise: management, marketing, cooperation theories and best practices. I also want to help on internationalization and recruitment.

So I'm saying a big hello to everyone and I am sure we will build something useful!

Some links about me

Obviously, most of it is in French...