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  • In [[mathematical statistics]], the likelihood ratio is the ratio of the probabilities, or probability d In [[Bayesian statistics]] the likelihood ratio is often called the [[Bayes' factor]].
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  • ...s a technical term often used in [[statistics]], and especially in medical statistics and [[epidemiology]]. The odds ratio is the ratio of the relative incidence [[Category:Mathematics tag]]
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  • ...mpt to run to first base before a member of the fielding team can touch or tag the first base bag while having possession of the ball. If the batter (now ...tter-runner can be thrown out at first base - there is no need to actually tag the runner in that case. In all other cases involving a baserunner attempti
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  • ...User page|user page]] should identify the bot as such using the {{tl|bot}} tag. The following information should be provided on, or linked from, both the ...s (weekends). [ Traffic statistics] {{deadlink}} are available.
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  • ...enance I populated a version of CZ as a local development environment. The Statistics special page showed in excess of 129,000 pages. The import reported populat : I now need to run maintenance/runJobs.php. The statistics page shows 272,975 queued jobs, so running all queued jobs is going to take
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  • categories in each [[CZ:Workgroups|workgroup]]. We use these to compile statistics and to organize article improvement projects. ...also allows for alphabetical browsing; so it's important that we use that tag correctly.--!>
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  • ...exed by [[Google]] (or any other search engine that respects the "noindex" tag). ::''See [[CZ:Statistics]] and Sanger's "[ Defense of Modes
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  • Hi Daniel, just an update on statistics: [] we curre == An puzzling tag in the text area of a new subgroup main page ==
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  • ...about people working on apparently obscure articles. There is a phrase in statistics and the [[The Long Tail]]. WP and CZ work by using the long tail. The Tail, ...the addition of the Chemistry Workgroup category correctly deserve the BSD tag. Thanks! --[[User:William Weaver|William Weaver]] 19:02, 18 February 2007
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  • on the [ forum], the relevant statistics page is [ here]. ...uary is not very meaningful as the rules then were different and putting a tag or just correcting a typo 'created' an article. In the mid-January the arti
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  • ...<script> tag. The url specified in the ''src'' attribute of the <script> tag points to the location of the JavaScript file that includes all of the symb The HTML <nowiki><div></nowiki> tag acts as a placeholder for the map on your web page. It also specifies a siz
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  • @CzPages] Twitter feed. This is a good start, but we only tag these posts with #Citizendium and this account only has 11 followers, one o Related: [[CZ:Statistics]], [[CZ:AddThis_Tracking_Statistics]]
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  • ...o longer necessary and sometimes even gets in the way now. I removed that tag and you can see if you click on "edit" on the yoga page that there are no l :Michael, if you recall I did get involved in the [[statistics]] article you started. It's just that I'm very busy right now, thus I am un
    21 KB (3,486 words) - 13:45, 10 February 2021
  • ...and strikeout items that have been finished with the <nowiki><s></nowiki> tag. Also, please do not archive this section until all of these sections have :"very successful as server, moderately successful as desktop; I'll bring statistics to prove this if asked"
    15 KB (2,646 words) - 20:01, 29 September 2020
  • &quot;statistics&quot; - Returns site statistics ...namespaces, namespacealiases, specialpagealiases, interwikimap, dbrepllag, statistics, usergroups
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  • ...c" paragraph(!). Anyway, I'd be thrilled if you would go through and edit, tag or delete this developing article's text as needed. Go for it! [[User:David Some statistics from [] compared with t
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  • me in ~2 hours. The only thing I "copied" directly were the numbers and statistics. I, of course, included citations for the sources. Happy editing! --[[User: == tag ==
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  • After being nudged by Milton, I have added the Games Editor tag to your page. As this workgroup is somewhat hard to define expertise for, ::::The job queue length is 126,811, as shown on [[Special:Statistics]]. This might take a while. --[[User:Chris Key|Chris Key]] 15:17, 2 June 20
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  • == what is our comparison way of doing this type of workgroup statistics? == ...such a category (I'm not sure), but I do know that for most people such a tag would be more useful if it included only content, not the metadata, approva
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  • ...le the topic is of my personal interest, I suggest deleting Math Workgroup tag. --[[User:Aleksander Stos|Aleksander Stos]] 01:31, 1 June 2007 (CDT) ...ep in mind that other editors in the appropriate workgroups can remove the tag if they feel that something represents their workgroup improperly. In othe
    32 KB (5,199 words) - 20:46, 24 July 2009

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