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  • === British House of Commons Science and Technology Committee report === The committee commissioned by the British government has reassessed homeopathy as a treatment option under the nation
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  • *2 Each can be moderated by a subgroup with expertise in the relevant subarea ...eems unfair to the epistles... Maybe we could do like the "Ship of Fools" (British website) and call them 'Pistles to the 'Postles! [[User:Bei Dawei | Bei Daw
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  • *"Leucocythemia", which I'm guessing is a British synonym for leucocytosis. By definition, leucocytosis is an elevated white ...p article. Maybe it is time to start a [[CZ:Homeopathy Subgroup|homeopathy subgroup]] where these articles and potential authors can find an organisational hom
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  • ...ich is intended for all of the English speaking world. Do the European and British chiropractors have the degree DC? In South Africa they are awarded a Master ...loading in New York by the thousands. It was exciting and new markets for British and German products were opening everywhere. Competition was tight. Flexn
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  • :42% of [[medicine in the U.K.|British doctors]] refer patients to homeopaths.<ref name="Fisher"/> ...s cited. All that I could find on a scan of the article was "up to 37% of British general practitioners use homoeopathy." There was also this: "Those who us
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  • ...ery precedent for an environmentally related article to be in Engineering, Subgroup Environmental Engineering. I am truly tired &mdash; and I'm not speculati ...article (or at least rewrote it from scratch in its current form) and am a British English speaker, but I don't particularly care what dialect is used. I'd su
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  • analogy that fits the frustrations that new arrival have here. I speak british English, but I live in the US. For a long time I found some situations wher ::Interesting Howard. @Chris: I prefer the British "lift" for elevator, but I much prefer the American "truck" to "lorry". And
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