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An informational catalog, or several catalogs, about Botany.

Plant Orders

  • A list of currently accepted seed plant orders and their families.

Plant Families


When a new species is described, its scientific name is formed by the binomial nomenclature followed by the abbreviation of the author's name. Therefore Leptotes bicolor Lindl. indicates that this plant was described and named by the English Botanist John Lindley. When an existing species is moved from one genus to another, the abbreviation of the author who described it goes under brackets and the abbreviation of the author moving it goes at the end.

A standard index of botanists by their author abbreviation was published by the Royal Botanic Gardens.[1] In some cases an author abbreviation is a full surname while in other cases the surname is not only abbreviated but accompanied by one or more initials. In this list there is no space between initials and surname or its abbreviation.

The use of this list is recommended by the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature and there is an updated list at the website of International Plant Names Index. The list of botanists referred to in the standard index can be navigated using the table below.

Botanists A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
By abbreviation  
By surname  

  1. (1992) R. K. Brummitt and C. E. Powell: Authors of Plant Names: A List of Authors of Scientific Names of Plants, with Recommended Standard Forms of Their Names, Including Abbreviations. Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. ISBN 0947643443.