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Monte Carlo

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Monte Carlo (French: Monte-Carlo; Italian: Montecarlo; Occitan: Montcarles; Ligurian: Monte Carlu) is a famous area within the sovereign city-state of Monaco.

It is worldwide reputed for its Monte Carlo Casino, for its Monte Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra, for its Monte Carlo Opera, for being the central point of the Monte Carlo Rally and for having given its name to the Monte Carlo method in mathematics.

The name of the area appeared in 1866 in order to be attractive and suitable for the newly founded casino. It was coined firstly in Italian (Montecarlo), meaning “mount of Charles III”, the then-prince of Monaco. The former name of the area was in French Les Spélugues, in Occitan Li Espelugas, in Ligurian Ë Speřüghe, that is “the caves”.