Institute for America's Future

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While the Institute for America's Future identifies itself as "non-partisan", its self-described goal is to create a "progressive agenda primarily focusing on kitchen-table concerns such as affordable health care, accessible higher education, retirement security, living wages, healthy workplaces, strong infrastructures, safe food, fair trade and clean energy," equipping "Americans with the tools and information needed to drive issues into the national debate, challenge failed conservative policies and build support for the progressive vision of a government that is on the side of working people." Very few Republicans identify as progressives. It also educates "progressive leaders, organizations, candidates, opinion-makers, and activists" and acts as an "incubator of national campaigns in which progressives join together to form policies that advance economic prosperity and opportunity for lower and middle income Americans."

IAF was co-founded by Robert Borosage and Robert Hickey in 1999, after they created the Campaign for America’s Future in 1996.