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This document covers image usage on Citizendium. It is a work in progress.

See also Revising Licenses for what to do if the license for an existing image has to be changed.

Uploading Images

Uploading images to Citizendium is a fairly simple process if the Upload Wizard is used. The instructions below give an overview of the process.

Step 1 — Prepare the image on your computer

Images should be uploaded at the highest resolution possible whilst keeping them below the 2MB size limit. Copies of the images will be automatically created on the server at the appropriate sizes for use in Citizendium articles.
At present, the only types of image that can be uploaded to Citizendium are PNG, GIF, JPG and JPEG. PNG should be used for diagrams, whilst JPEG should be used for photos etc. GIF should only be used for animated images.
SVG is a much better format for diagrams etc, but it is unfortunately not enabled on CZ at present.

Step 2 — Follow the instructions in the Upload Wizard

Go to the Upload Wizard by clicking on the "Upload File" link in the sidebar.
Follow the instructions to choose the type of licensing for the image which you are about to upload.

Step 3 — Fill in the upload form to upload the image

The last step of the Upload Wizard will take you to a form which must be completed.
The first two fields ask for the image to upload, which you must choose from your computer, and the name which the image should be given on Citizendium. Please choose a sensible, short, and descriptive name.
The rest of the form is for image information - the name of the author, the source, etc. Please enter all the information which you know.
Depending upon which options you chose in the Upload Wizard, you may have to make a choice of licences at the bottom of the form. In these cases guidance will be given at the top of the form, and a preview of each licence will be shown when it is selected.

Step 4 — Credit line and Permission documentation

Most images should have credit lines. On the image page, at the bottom of the list of image details, is a link which can be clicked to create a credit line for that image.
Images which are used by permission from the copyright holder must have this permission documented. If you chose the correct option in the Upload Wizard, a link will be shown on the image page just below the image itself which you should click to create the permission page.

Using Images

© Photo: Petréa Mitchell
Example of image usage on Citizendium

The code to add an image to a Citizendium article is very simple, and can be added to the page by clicking the image button in the toolbar above the edit box.
The code inserted will be as follows:

{{Image|Example.jpg|right|250px|Image Caption}}

Note that a credit line will appear automatically if the image's credit subpage has been created (see link on the image's page).
The first parameter, Example.jpg, is the name of the image without the namespace. You must replace "Example.jpg" with the name of the image which you want to use. The template will know to look in the "images" namespace.
The second parameter is the image alignment—acceptable values are left, right, or center (US spelling only).
The third is the image size—this can either be specified as a width, eg 250px, or as the height and width of a box which the image should be constrained to, eg 100x250px.
The final parameter is the caption, which will be displayed below the image. This can be left blank if no caption is wanted.
Please do not include spaces on either side of the "pipe" character separating the fields as this will impair the functionality of the template. Spaces between words within fields are acceptable.

For example, the code {{Image|PepperThreeAmigosSerrano.jpg|right|250px|Example of image usage on ''Citizendium''}} results in the image to the right.

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