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  • In [[mathematical statistics]], the likelihood ratio is the ratio of the probabilities, or probability d In [[Bayesian statistics]] the likelihood ratio is often called the [[Bayes' factor]].
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  • ...s a technical term often used in [[statistics]], and especially in medical statistics and [[epidemiology]]. The odds ratio is the ratio of the relative incidence [[Category:Mathematics tag]]
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  • ...mpt to run to first base before a member of the fielding team can touch or tag the first base bag while having possession of the ball. If the batter (now ...tter-runner can be thrown out at first base - there is no need to actually tag the runner in that case. In all other cases involving a baserunner attempti
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  • ...<script> tag. The url specified in the ''src'' attribute of the <script> tag points to the location of the JavaScript file that includes all of the symb The HTML <nowiki><div></nowiki> tag acts as a placeholder for the map on your web page. It also specifies a siz
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  • ...c" paragraph(!). Anyway, I'd be thrilled if you would go through and edit, tag or delete this developing article's text as needed. Go for it! [[User:David Some statistics from [] compared with t
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  • * Sometimes specific functions like publishing workflows, version control, statistics, private messaging... ...o them, such as the ''Associated Press'' or ''Reuters'' news services, and tag the information with data about their useability, including rights informat
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  • ...ready better). Thus I guess that it's not (yet) the time to put the "Live" tag on. [[User:Harald van Lintel|Harald van Lintel]] 18:24, 27 November 2007 (C ...have just concluded some original research in which I have created my own statistics and analytical diagrams from a restricted access microdataset. I have some
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  • ...nerated (I used automated Key Word in Context in my ''Historian's Guide to Statistics,'' 1971), and the best ones required some thought and design. [[User:Richar ...d editors/authors use it? Does it just create a list of articles with the tag? [[User:Russell D. Jones|Russell D. Jones]] 17:15, 12 December 2008 (UTC)
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  • ...sically cross school collaborations are the norm these days. Engineering, statistics, computer science, geology and oceanography are all intertwind with biology ...article is good enough to be approved. If some editor canadd the Toapprove tag, and maybe someone else can approve it, that woyuld be great. Or let me kno
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