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  • ...rms its ideology as [[fiscal conservatism|fiscal conservative]] but modern Republican. ...] and [[Fred Upton]], and now lists a number of present and former elected Republicans as sponsors. [[Abraham Lincoln]], [[Theodore Roosevelt]] and [[Ronald Rea
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  • ...o promote solutions to improve the lives of all Americans," condemned as [[Republican In Name Only]] by some [[American conservative]]s and [[Tea Party movement]
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  • {{r|U.S. Republican Party}} {{r|Susan Collins}} Maine
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  • '''Mark Kirk''' (1959-) is a U.S Representative ([[U.S. Republican Party|R-]][[Illinois]] 10th district), first elected in 2000.<ref name=Bio> ...can repeat the Massachusetts miracle. [Scott Brown's] victory electrified Republicans in Illinois."<ref name=WS2010-02-01>{{citation
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  • ...nd commitment to investing in material and human capital. The economy has maintained high wages, attracting immigrants by the millions from all over the w ...dopted in 1789, established that the entire nation -- stretching then from Maine to Georgia, from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi Valley -- was a uni
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  • '''Elizabeth L. ("Liz") Cheney''' (1966-) is an attorney and [[U.S. Republican Party]] activist, who is the daughter of [[Dick Cheney]] and [[Lynne Cheney ...appeals to the hard-line [[national security conservatism]] part of the [[Republican base]].
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  • ..., and the "upper town," along the Monongahela as far as present-day Market Street. In April 1761, a census ordered by Colonel [[Henry Bouquet]] counted 332 p ...Bouquet added a redoubt, the "Block House," which still stands, the sole remaining structure from Fort Pitt and the oldest authenticated building west of t
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  • ...French expert on Indochina and Vietnam, entitled one of his major books ''Street without joy: insurgency in Indochina, 1946-63''. <ref name=Fall1964> {{cita | title = Street without joy: insurgency in Indochina, 1946-63
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  • ...It is the world's financial hub, as The [[New York Stock Exchange]] (Wall Street) and the [[NASDAQ]] are the world's first and second largest stock exchange ...States, [[George Washington]], was inaugurated at [[Federal Hall]] on Wall Street. The Federal Hall is now dwarfed by surrounding skyscrapers]]
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  • **[[U.S._Republican_Party|Republican]]: ...a dozen or so gigs a year. These have mostly been at Cocktails, The 39th Street Bar and Poor Michaels, all in [[Galveston]], or functions for my department
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  • ...itional function of the [[/Catalogs#Cabinet Office|Cabinet Office]] was to maintain a record of government decisions, to serve as the Prime Minister's staf ===The Blair/Brown partnership===
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  • {{main|Iraq War, insurgency}} ...ops to Iraq, to improve security in the [[Baghdad]] to a point where the remaining [[Iraqi Security Forces]] could control violence from Iraqi sects and fo
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  • ...kee County had an estimated population of 915,097 in 2006. The city is the main cultural and economic center of the Milwaukee–Racine-Waukesha metropolita ...the Panic of 1837 Martin left the city, while Juneau, his fortune lost, remained. He never regained the prosperity he had lost, though he was elected the
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  • {{main|U.S. foreign policy}} ...aded for America." Obama promised he "made it a priority to strengthen our partnership with the Yemeni government" and work "with them to strike al-Qaeda terrori
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