Republican Main Street Partnership

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A center-right grouping of U.S. Republican Party elected officials, the Republican Main Street Coalition "where political debate is encouraged to promote solutions to improve the lives of all Americans" seeks bipartisanship in search of solutions consistent with their ideology. It was formed in response to an expected rightward shift after the 1994 elections, in which Newt Gingrich led an aggressively conservative wing of the party, the Conservative Opportunity Society, with an agenda espoused in the Contract with America and focused on political dominance. The Coalition terms its ideology as fiscal conservative but modern Republican.

It began with a discussion group founded by Reps. Nancy Johnson, Steve Gunderson and Fred Upton, and now lists a number of present and former elected Republicans as sponsors. Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan are cited as role models. Rep. Tom Davis (R-Virginia) chairs the organization. John McCain is a member, but Sarah Palin is not.

It has been condemned as Republican In Name Only by some American conservatives and Tea Party movement activists. Dana Loesch, for example, advises conservatives to oppose any candidate associated with the Coalition.