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The Citizendium Phonetics Subgroup
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This is a listing of articles that have been designated as particularly relevant to the Phonetics Subgroup.

PD Image
An example of using the sub1 field in the metadata to add a subgroup, in this case Chemical Engineering

To designate an article for inclusion in this subgroup, go to the article's Metadata page and :

  • List Phonetics as one of the subgroup categories (i.e., sub1, sub2 or sub3) as indicated by the B in the adjacent image.
  • Update or add appropriate workgroup categories (i.e., cat1, cat2 or cat3) as indicated by the A in the adjacent image.
  • Update the appropriate entries for cat_check, status, underlinked and cleanup; see here for a full explanation of these fields.
  • It is often necessary to "jog" articles to make them display in workgroups and subgroups. "Jogging" is done by editing an article's main page and adding a blank space at the end of any paragraph.
  • The Metadata page may list the article for inclusion in as many as 3 main workgroup categories plus as many as 3 subgroup categories.

Articles concerning the study of speech sounds.

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