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Primary professions

Profession Type Often Paired with Description Notes
Alchemy Crafting Herbalism Create potions and elixirs from herbs
Blacksmithing Crafting Mining Create weapons and plate armor from metal. When the Cataclysm expansion is introduced, blacksmiths will also be able to alter statistics on plate armor through reforging.
Enchanting Service Tailoring Grant permanent augmentation to weapons, armor, etc. Disenchant uncommon, rare and epic items into base enchanting ingredients.
Engineering Crafting Mining Create guns, explosives, scopes, bullets, etc. Also allows the player to 'de-engineer' mechanical creatures into some base components.
Herbalism Gathering Alchemy, Inscription Allows player to collect herbs.
Inscription Crafting Herbalism Create inscriptions that are used to enhance the spells and abilities of players, as well as creating enhancing scrolls. Grinds herbs into pigments which are used to create inks for creating inscriptions. Introduced in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, but does not require that expansion to have.
Jewelcrafting Crafting Mining Create refine gems that can be placed in socketed items. Prospect ores into raw gems for refining. Introduced in The Burning Crusade expansion, and players must have that expansion to learn this profession.
Leatherworking Crafting Skinning Creates leather and mail armor, as well as armor kits from leather. When the Cataclysm expansion is introduced, leatherworkers will also be able to alter statistics on leather and mail armor through reforging.
Mining Gathering Blacksmithing, Engineering, Jewelcrafting Gathers ore and gems from deposits.
Tailoring Crafting Enchanting Creates cloth armor, as well as bags from cloth. When the Cataclysm expansion is introduced, tailors will also be able to alter statistics on cloth armor through reforging.
Skinning Gathering Leatherworking Gathers leather and hides from dead beasts.

Secondary professions

Profession Description Notes
Archaeology Locate and identify artifacts To be added in the Cataclysm expansion
Cooking Create cooked food from raw food
Fishing Fish up fish in bodies of water
First Aid Create bandages to perform minor healing