Venomous snake

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Venomous snake [r]: is a snake that uses modified saliva, venom, delivered through fangs in its mouth, to immobilize or kill its prey. Examples of venomous snakes includes the Elapidae family which includes the subfamily Elapinae such as cobras, mambas, kraits, and Hydrophiinae such as the Australian elapids (taipans, brown snakes, tiger snakes), sea snakes and the Viperidae family which includes true vipers such as Russell's viper, saw-scaled vipers, puff adders, Gaboon vipers, and pitvipers such as Rattlesnakes, lanceheads and Asian pitvipers. Some colubrids are venomous such as snakes of the genus Boiga (cat snakes), Rhabdophis (keelback snakes), Thelotornis (twig snakes) and the highly venomous Boomslang. [e]

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