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Larry Yount is a 30-something year old United States citizen and mechanic in the western United States. His expertise is in auto repair and minor home repair. Yount was born in Heidelburg, West Germany (now Germany), son of an Army serviceman and artist mother. He is a graduate of Chapman High School in Kansas. An avid reader and traveller, he has gained perspective in cultural differences worldwide as well as learned about other fields, such as architecture, art, geography, science, etc.

Yount's initial goal is to use his knowledge as a basis for searching for references to confirm this information. If such research shows that his knowledge is flawed, he pledges to learn more. Afterwards, he hopes to use this information to write for the Citizendium project. It is his desire that this extra contribution will yield better information than simply using a search engine and taking the top listed webpages or using the website of the subject of the article as the primary source for writing.

Yount pledges to fully disclose any relationships or conflicts of interest that potentially exists for any article that he writes. This includes, but is not limited to, employment, stock ownership, business or consumer relationship, etc.

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