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David has a BASc from the University of Toronto. His course of study was in the field of Engineering. Interests include mathematics, web page development, and computer programming. In the field of mathematics, he is especially interested in numerical mathematics and linear algebra. He has written several programs for tasks relevant to work in these fields. In fact, his interests have combined on one of his web sites, which features several numerical math utilities:

Numerical Mathematical Utilities

The utilities offered off this page include several that were used during David’s undergraduate engineering studies. In fact, present students should find them useful too, offering most of the capabilities required by students taking a first course in linear algebra.

In addition, there are a couple utilities there that should also be of interest to high school students too. For example, there is a Quadratic Equation Solver, for numerically solving a Quadratic Equation, a topic usually introduced to students in Grade 11.

In addition to programming, David enjoys sports, photography, traveling, and following current affairs.