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Darren Duncan is a developer of applications and databases, has created the database programming language Muldis D (see, has written several CPAN modules, and participates in Perl 6 language development. Darren's life's work is to build consumer-useable ontological database solutions for accurately organizing and easily sharing the world's knowledge over the long term, particularly scientific, historical, and genealogical.

Darren's primary expertise is in computer programming, which was learned partly through the computing systems program of Camosun College (graduated with diploma in 2001), and partly the expertise was self-taught while coding for fun and profit. Darren specializes in database and web application programming (Perl and SQL in particular), technical writing, and programming language design. A secondary expertise is general information management and epistemology, but without formal training.

Darren's anticipated main contribution to Citizendium is not short term, but involves new software to run the resource on top of, when that is ready; short-term contributions will probably be a small amount of article authorship. To be clear, however, this anticipated contribution is still as of 2012 expected to be about 5 years away, and should not be a factor in any planning in the meantime; development of that software is on indefinite hiatus until more pressing projects such as Muldis D are done first.

See for Darren's more interesting and recent projects, and see for a resume/CV.