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Breck Carter is the founder and principal consultant at RisingRoad Professional Services which specializes in database and synchronization development using SQL Anywhere and MobiLink.

Breck graduated as a Bachelor of Applied Science in Engineering Science - Computer Science from the University of Toronto in 1972, and began his career that year with mainframe database application development at Crown Life Insurance in Toronto. He then worked as a Research and Development Software Engineer at Amdahl, Project Leader at Air Canada and Application Architect at Confederation Life Insurance before making the big switch to Windows client server development in 1993.

Breck first worked with a relational database management system in 1972, at the University of Toronto, before there were any practical commercial implementations. Since then he has worked with Oracle, IBM DB2, Gupta SQLBase, Sybase ASE and Microsoft SQL Server as well as SQL Anywhere.

Breck's first experience with distributed databases came in 1993 on a project using Sybase SQL Server for the central database, Gupta SQLBase on the remote workstations and a custom PowerBuilder program to perform the database synchronization. In 1995 he began working with SQL Anywhere and SQL Remote to perform database replication, and in 1998 with the MobiLink synchronization server.

Breck is a Charter member of Team iAnywhere, which means he has been answering technical questions on behalf of iAnywhere Solutions on public company internet forums since 1993, in return for unrestricted access to all software, Beta programs and internal support services. Breck regularly talks to developers, tech writers and managers at iAnywhere Solutions; he also helped iAnywhere Solutions create their SQL Anywhere Studio certification exam, and he is a member of their Customer Advisory Board.

Breck has completed consulting assignments with many dozens of companies in the US, Canada and Europe, as well as acting as expert witness and special master in civil lawsuits involving database and application development issues.

Breck is the author of SQL Anywhere Studio 9 Developer's Guide published by Wordware Publishing in Plano, Texas in 2004. This 470 page book describes SQL Anywhere and MobiLink in great detail, including extensive working examples as well as many practical tips and techniques not covered in the product documentation. He has also published articles in the Dr. Dobbs,, International Sybase User Group Technical Journal and Java Developer's Journal.