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The following: Anthony.Sebastian Notes re Article 'Systems biology'

Consider starting separate article, 'Noise in Biology'

  • For guidance, see articles, cited in Systems biology, on modeling noise. especially Rao's.
  • Noise as a feature that contributes to the 'organization' of biological systems.
  • Think about 'noise' in supracellular systems.
  • Role of 'noise' in ecosystems.
  • Suspect 'noise' bigger factor in larger biological systems, but don't know why I think that.

Add section on 'Networks' to article, Systems biology

  • See, especially, Alon U. An Introduction to Systems Biology: Design Principles of Biological Circuits. Boca Raton: Chapman and Hall/CRC, 2007. RefID 30310. TS 99999.
  • Bhalla et al.[1] [2] make the point...

Add 'Information' Perspective

Quote: "In unicellular organisms, protein-based circuits act in place of a nervous system to control behaviour; in the larger and more complicated cells of plants and animals, many thousands of proteins functionally connected to each other carry information from the plasma membrane to the genome. The imprint of the environment on the concentration and activity of many thousands of proteins in a cell is in effect a memory trace, like a ‘random access memory’ containing ever-changing information about the cell’s surroundings. Because of their high degree of interconnection, systems of interacting proteins act as neural networks trained by evolution to respond appropriately to patterns of extracellular stimuli.” [3]



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