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Andrew Alder is a semi-retired computer professional of some decades experience and a long-standing wiki enthusiast.

He worked for ten years in Systems Programming on large IBM mainframes, and then another ten as an EDP Auditor. He was an invited speaker to three international EDP Audit conferences during that time, and published several other articles in professional journals on the subject of security, control and audit of computer systems.

He studied Pure Mathematics and Philosophy at the University of New England, Armidale, Australia, graduating in 1985. He retains an active interest in Model Theory and Non Standard Analysis.

His introduction to professional computing was working in the Applied Mathematics and Computing section (later division) of the Australian Atomic Energy Commission, and he retains an active interest in discussing all matters nuclear.

He is passionately interested in all sorts of music, particularly Christian music. He has three non-vanity CDs to his credit: The NCYC Retrospect collections volumes one and two as a kit drummer, and Colin Smith's final collection Christ Our Way as a vocallist.

He is a member of the Uniting Church in Australia, and involved in many facets of church life and mission.

His other interests include offshore ocean racing, photography and particularly fisheye lenses, science fiction, and cooking. And most other subjects.

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