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Ulrich B. Phillips/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about Ulrich B. Phillips.
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  • Georgia and State Rights; a Study of the Political History of Georgia from the Revolution to the Civil War, with Particular Regard to Federal Relations. American Historical Association Report for the Year 1901, Vol. 2. Government Printing Office, 1902, (reprint 1983) online edition
  • American Negro Slavery; a Survey of the Supply, Employment, and Control of Negro Labor, as Determined by the Plantation Regime. (1918; reprint 1966)online at Project Gutenberg
  • A History of Transportation in the Eastern Cotton Belt to 1860. (1908). online edition
  • Life and Labor in the Old South. (1929).
  • The Life of Robert Toombs. (1913).
  • The Course of the South to Secession; an Interpretation. (1939).

Works edited by Phillips

  • The Correspondence of Robert Toombs, Alexander H. Stephens, and Howell Cobb. Annual Report of the American Historical Association for the Year 1911, Vol. 2. Washington: 1913.
  • Florida Plantation Records from the Papers of George Noble Jones. (coedited with James D. Glunt). (1927).
  • Plantation and Frontier Documents, 1649-1863; Illustrative of Industrial History in the Colonial and Antebellum South: Collected from MSS. and Other Rare Sources. 2 Volumes. (1909). online vol 1 and online vol 2

Major articles by Phillips

  • "Transportation in the Antebellum South: An Economic Analysis." Quarterly Journal of Economics, 19 (May, 1905): 434-58. in JSTOR
  • "The Economic Cost of Slaveholding in the Cotton Belt," Political Science Quarterly 20#2 (Jun., 1905), pp. 257-275 in JSTOR
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  • Slave Economy of the Old South: Selected Essays in Economic and Social History (1968), edited, with introduction by Eugene Genovese

Secondary Sources

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