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State of the parties as of March 2017

Party or group Seats
Conservative 365
Labour 202
SNP 47
Liberal Democrat 11
Sinn Féin[1] 7
Plaid Cymru 4
Social Democratic and Labour Party 2
Green 1
Alliance Party 1
Independent 1[2]
Speaker[3] 1
Vacant[4] 0
Total 650
Government working majority 80[5]
  1. Sinn Féin contests UK general elections but does not take the seats; therefore, its MPs do not vote or speak in the House of Commons.
  2. Nominated as SNP candidate but disowned by the party before polling day. As this happened after close of nominations, the ballot paper could not legally be changed, so he was listed there as SNP, but he is officially an independent MP.
  3. Does not vote except to break a tie; the Speaker is not a member of any party.
  4. Seats awaiting the election of a new MP in a by-election or general election.
  5. Does not include the Speaker and Speaker's Deputies (who do not usually vote) or Sinn Féin (which does not take the seats).