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This master list of buttons is used to define the buttons on the {{subpages}} navigation box template.

  • #A= name of subpage
  • #B= Indicates if the button represents a "Default" or "Optional" subpage, or a non functional button. Any subpage labelled "Default" will be placed at the top of the {{subpages}} template whether the subpage exists in the cluster or not (i.e. could be a red link button). Those labelled as "Optional" will only appear in the {{subpages}} template if they exist in the cluster (i.e. will only show blue links). If the #B parameter is left blank it will be ignored by the subpages template.

Buttons labelled "Button available" can be utlised for new subpages names after they have been approved by either the Editor-in-Chief or the Editorial Council. For a description of the full process see the following guide: How to add subpage types

1A = Related Articles
1B = Default
2A = Bibliography
2B = Default
3A = External Links
3B = Default
4A = Works
4B = Optional
5A = Discography
5B = Optional

6A = Filmography
6B = Optional
7A = Catalogs
7B = Optional
8A = Timelines
8B = Optional
9A = Gallery
9B = Optional
10A = Audio
10B = Optional

11A = Video
11B = Optional
12A = Code
12B = Optional
13A = Tutorials
13B = Optional
14A = Student_Level
14B = Optional
15A = Signed Articles
15B = Optional

16A = Function
16B = Optional
17A = Addendum
17B = Optional
18A = Debate Guide
18B = Optional
19A = Isotopes
19B = Optional
20A = Button available
20B =