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Attention niels epting.png
Attention niels epting.png

Important Media Assets Workgroup notice!
Do not archive.
Permission has been obtained to use Image:FranzBoas-Eskimo.jpg, a unique 1883 photo of Franz Boas posing dressed as an Eskimo, which was subject to proprietary rights. As a condition of use, CZ must forward a copy of all articles in which the photo appears to the The American Philosophical Society Library, see for contact information.

Because of this, this image should not be added to this or any other article until is has been nominated for approval.

After the Approval template has been placed, a copy or link to the article must be sent to The American Philosophical Society Library and a statement that this was done must be made below this post and on the image page at Image:FranzBoas-Eskimo.jpg by the person who forwarded the article.

Additionally, each time the article is re-approved, a new copy must be sent to the society. If the article is not essentially the same, permission must be sought again to use the image.

For further info, see Image_talk:FranzBoas-Eskimo.jpg/Permission.

Stephen Ewen 04:26, 20 June 2007 (CDT)