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Talk:An Infinity of Mirrors

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 Definition Fifth novel by Richard Condon, celebrated writer of political thrillers, published in 1964. [d] [e]

Stuff to put into Main Article

  • page 60 Gretel's husband, Generalleutnant Franz Heller, called Hansel
  • page 82 mention of Doctor A. Weiler
  • page 71 et al -- wonderful dinner
  • page 99 preposterous trivia: Miles-Meltzer wore a pearl-gray cummerband and sapphire studs: his black satin tie was floppy, in the bohemian manner, and he wore brushed-silver spectacles with sapphire linchpins on either side. For the sixth year in a row he had been voted the best-dressed man in northern Europe -- which meant the world, he explained, because the British had slipped horribly and there was no one else.
  • page 151 Maître Gitlin -- a lawyer named Gitlin also appears at the end in Any God Will Do. Apparently there was a big New York literary agent named Paul Gitlin but he was not, apparently, Condon's agent. But Condon obviously knew of him.