Tactical Imagery Intelligence Wing

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In the Royal Air Force, Tactical Imagery Intelligence Wing (TIW)is the UK headquarters for exploitation of imagery intelligence, C3I-ISR and electro-optical MASINT collected by aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Part of 1 Group, it is designated as a 'Force Element', roughly similar to a flying squadron.

Sensors with which TIW works include the Reconnaissance Airborne Pod for Tornado (RAPTOR), carried on the Tornado GR4 and the Digital Joint Reconnaissance Pod (DJRP), carried on Harrier and Tornado GR4. It also analyzes information from the MQ-9 Reaper UAV.

The unit was formed in April 2002 from, II (AC), XIII and 39 (1 PRU) Sqn Reconnaissance Intelligence Centres (RIC). No. 41 (F) Sqn RIC was added in April 2003. 1 PRU's lineage goes back to Sydney Cotton, before the Second World War.