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A list of key readings about Speech Recognition.
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Human Speech Recognition

Noam Chomsky (1975) Reflections on Language ISBN One of many books by the modern champion of generative grammar. Not for the faint of heart.

Steven Pinker (1994) The Language Instinct ISBN 0688121411 A much easier way into Chomsky's theory of language. Pinker is one of the finest writers on science today.

Change J. (2011) Speech recognition leaps forward. PhysOrg.com. Using 'Deep Neural Networks' and 'Artificial Neural Networks'.

Computer Speech Recognition History and Survey

Robert D. Rodman (1999) Computer Speech Technology ISBN 0890062978 The best survey for non-expert readers. Light on the mathematics, very well written.

Manfred R. Schroeder (2004) Computer Speech Second Edition ISBN 3540212671 A series of articles, rather than a survey.

Speech Recognition and Business