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A list of key readings about Seymour Martin Lipset.
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Lipset's Publications

+ editor, Politics and the Social Sciences (1969)

  • Prejudice and Society with Earl Raab.
  • The Politics of Unreason: Right Wing Extremism in America, 1790-1970 with Earl Raab (1970), online edition
  • The Divided Academy: Professors and Politics with Carl Everett Ladd (1975), online edition
  • The Confidence Gap: Business, Labor, and Government in the Public Mind (1987).
  • Continental Divide: The Values and Institutions of the United States and Canada (1989).
  • "Liberalism, Conservatism, and Americanism", Ethics & International Affairs (1989).
  • Jews and the New American Scene with Earl Raab (1995).
  • American Exceptionalism: A Double-Edged Sword (1996).
  • It Didn't Happen Here: Why Socialism Failed in the United States (2001),
  • "Steady Work: An Academic Memoir", in Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 22, 1996. online version

About Lipset

  • Marks, Gary and Larry J. Diamond (eds) Reexamining Democracy: Essays in Honor of Seymour Martin Lipset, Sage Publications 1992
  • Velasco, Jesus G. "Seymour Martin Lipset: Life and Work." Canadian Journal of Sociology. 29#4 (2004) pp 583+. online edition