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Scotland/Catalogs/Famous Scots

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Engineers, inventors, industrialists

  • John Logie Baird [r]: Scottish engineer (1888-1946), best known as the inventor of the first practical, publicly demonstrated electromechanical television system in the world. [e]
  • Andrew Carnegie [r]: 1835-1919, Scottish-American steel maker, philanthropist and peace activist [e]
  • John McAdam [r]: Add brief definition or description
  • Robert Owen [r]: (1771-1858) Welsh industrialist and early socialist, who established several utopian communities; at his New Lanark cotton mill in Scotland, experimented with social and industrial welfare programs. [e]
  • Thomas Telford [r]: Scottish civil engineer (1757-1834) who gained fame as a road, bridge, and canal builder; he is regarded as the father of Civil Engineering. [e]
  • James Watt [r]: Scottish engineer and inventor (1736-1819), best known for major innovations in re the steam engine; the watt (unit of power) is named after him. [e]


  • James Boswell [r]: (1740 - 1795) Scottish author, best known as Samuel Johnson’s biographer, and for the detailed and frank diaries that he kept for much of his life. [e]
  • Robert Burns [r]: The National poet of Scotland (1759-96); writer of Auld Lang Syne. [e]
  • John Prebble [r]: Hugely popular writer (1915-2001) of mainly historical fiction works on themes related to Scottish history, esp that of the Highlands. [e]
  • Walter Scott [r]: (1771-1832) A prolific Scottish poet and novelist, considered the originater of the genre of historical fiction. [e]
  • Robert Louis Stevenson [r]: British 19th-century writer whose works included Kidnapped, Treasure Island and Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. [e]



  • Alexander Fleming [r]: Scottish biologist and pharmacologist (1881-1955), best-known for the discovery of penicillin for which he won the Nobel Prize. [e]
  • James Hutton [r]: (1726–1797) Scottish farmer and naturalist, who is known as the founder of modern geology. [e]
  • Charles Lyell [r]: Scottish geologist (1797-1875) credited with having popularized uniformitarianism as well as his belief that science and religion should be kept separate. [e]
  • James Clerk Maxwell [r]: (1831 – 1879) Scottish physicist best known for his formulation of electromagnetic theory and the statistical theory of gases. [e]
  • John Napier [r]: (1550 – 4 April 1617) The eighth Laird of Merchistoun, a mathematician, physicist, and astrologer. [e]