Samuel Kaboo Morris

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Samuel Kaboo Morris at around age 20.

Samuel Kaboo Morris (?? - May 12, 1893), born Prince Kaboo, was a Liberian prince known for his pivotal influence over Taylor University. Morris was kidnapped at around age 11 during a tribal feud and his father could not afford to pay the large ransom demanded by Morris's captors. Terribly abused, he managed to escape while a young teen and was found near death by Christian missionaries, who took him in. He converted to Christianity while around age 14. At around age 18, Morris left Liberia for the United States to achieve an education and arrived at Taylor University in December 1891 where he had a profound spiritual impact on its staff, faculty, and students. Morris died in 1893 from complications of respiratory infection.

Morris's life has been the subject of five novels, over a dozen biographies, a 1954 film, and a 1988 documentary. Taylor University has named numerous buildings, scholarships, and a society in his honor.

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