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Safehouse, a term of art in clandestine operations, refers to a physical house, an apartment, or even a concealed part of a park, of which the security authorities are unaware, and where necessary meetings, training, and work can take place. If it is private property, the person who bought or rented it has no other connection to the clandestine organization.

A very difficult decision can be the choice of whether to use other than the most secure, directional communications from a safehouse, or if there is too much danger of discovery. Interestingly, a pair of disposable cell phones may well carry out the function of a safehouse, without the dangers of meeting.

When there are meetings, the person who obtained the property may not be there, making the meeting deniable. A clandestine organization may have its own people followed to a meeting, to see if they are guiding the enemy to it, or just observing poor security.