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A list of key readings about Ron Parker (artist).
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  • March/April, 1981 Outdoor Canada Magazine. Feature Article by editor, Sheila Kaighin

  • March/April, 1986 Wildlife Art News Magazine.
 Feature Article by Tom Davis

  • May, 1984 B. C. Outdoors Magazine. Feature Article by Bob Jones

  • 1986 From the Wild Book published by Summerhill Press
. One of twelve artists featured in this book.

  • Spring, 1987 Art Impressions Magazine.
 Feature article by Bob Jones 

  • November/ December, 1987 Midwest Art Magazine.
 Feature Article by Caroline Mrzola 

  • Spring, 1991 Art Impressions Magazine. Feature Article by Bob Jones

  • March/April, 1992 Informart Magazine. Feature Article by Leslie Marchando

  • May/June, 1992 U. S. Art Magazine. Feature Article by Kathi Neal

  • May/June, 1994 U. S. Art Magazine
. Article by Sara Gilbert

  • May/June, 1995 Wildlife Art News Magazine. Article by Terry Wieland

  • May, 1998 Birds and Blooms Magazine. 
 Article by Ann Kaiser

  • January, 2002 International Artist Magazine. 
 Eight page article on portraiture and nude paintings