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Republican Party (United States)/Bibliography

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A list of key readings about Republican Party (United States).
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  • Barone, Michael, and Richard E, Cohen. The Almanac of American Politics 2008 (2007) covers all the states and all curtrent politicians with amazing detail. New edition every two years since 1975.
  • Black, Earl and Merle Black. Divided America: The Ferocious Power Struggle in American Politics (2007)
  • Cannon, Lou. President Reagan: The Role of a Lifetime (2000), online edition
  • Crane, Michael. The Political Junkie Handbook: The Definitive Reference Books on Politics (2004) covers all the major issues explaining the parties' positions
  • Donald, David. Lincoln (1999) the best scholarly biography
  • Ehrman, John, The Eighties: America in the Age of Reagan (2005)
  • Frank, Thomas. What's the Matter with Kansas? How Conservatives Won the Heart of America (2005), liberal criticism of GOP
  • Gould, Lewis. Grand Old Party: A History of the Republicans (2003)
  • Levy, Peter B. Encyclopedia of the Reagan-Bush Years Greenwood Press, 1996 online edition
  • Pemberton, William E. Exit with Honor: The Life and Presidency of Ronald Reagan (1998) biography by historian; online edition
  • Perlstein, Rick. Before the Storm: Barry Goldwater and the Unmaking of the American Consensus (2002) very well written narrative of politics 1960-64 excerpt and text search
  • Perlstein, Rick. Nixonland: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America (2008) very well written narrative of politics 1964-68
  • Reeves, Richard. President Reagan: The Triumph of Imagination (2005) detailed analysis by historian
  • Sabato, Larry J., and Howard R. Ernst. Encyclopedia Of American Political Parties And Elections (2006) comprehensive coverage of politics since 1945.
  • Sabato, Larry J. Divided States of America: The Slash and Burn Politics of the 2004 Presidential Election (2005).
  • Sabato, Larry J. ed. The Sixth Year Itch: The Rise and Fall of the George W. Bush Presidency (1907), in-depth essays by scholars
  • Sabato, Larry J. and Bruce Larson. The Party's Just Begun: Shaping Political Parties for America's Future (2001) textbook.
  • Shafer, Byron E. and Anthony J. Badger, eds. Contesting Democracy: Substance and Structure in American Political History, 1775-2000 (2001), long essays by specialists on each time period
  • Shafer, Byron and Richard Johnston. The End of Southern Exceptionalism (2006), uses statistical election data & polls to argue GOP growth was primarily a response to economic change
  • Wilentz, Sean. The Age of Reagan: A History, 1974-2008 (2008), major narrative history
  • Wooldridge, Adrian and John Micklethwait. The Right Nation: Conservative Power in America sophisticated study by two British journalists (2004).

Commentary, pro and con

  • Chernus, Ira. Monsters to Destroy: The Neoconservative War on Terror and Sin. (Boulder: Paradigm, 2006. 245 pp. isbn 978-1-59451-276-6.)
  • Gonzales, Manuel G., and Richard Delgado. The Politics of Fear: How Republicans Use Money, Race, and the Media to Win. (Boulder: Paradigm, 2006. 221 pp. isbn 1-59451-242-1.)
  • Shogan, Robert. Backlash: The Killing of the New Deal (Ivan R. Dee, 2006. 275 pp. isbn 978-1-56663-674-2.)
  • Toplin, Robert Brent. Radical Conservatism: The Right’s Political Religion. (University Press of Kansas, 2006. 306 pp. isbn 0-7006-1487-7.) excerpt and text search